Wheel Talk Podcast Interview

Wheel Talk Podcast Interview

In September, my friend Becca Otis, from 5 Lines Pottery, stayed at the studio for a week. As strange as that may sound Becca lives in her van (by choice) and travels around doing markets and art fairs while visiting other potters along the way. What makes this whole adventure even more delightful is that Becca travels around with her loyal cat Lloyd. Yep, you read the right, her cat. I love Lloyd. I love all cats, but it was really fun to have a cat in the studio.

Here is a little Lloyd action:

 Becca is co-host of Wheel Talk podcast with her friend (and mine) Ryan Durbin of RD Ceramics. While she was in town we recorded a podcast episode about pricing. I was interviewed for Wheel Talk back in 2021, in case you missed it you can listen here. That interview was about an hour and half, but this interview blew that out of the water with a whopping three hours! 

This time around we discuss wholesale, mental health, and focus on the importance of pricing handmade products correctly. You can listen to the latest episode here. There is some swearing, so be forewarned.

If you made it this far here is a little frivolity that ensued when Becca stayed with me. 


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