What if it is rocket science?

What if it is rocket science?

In December, one of my customers sent me the coolest emails! Take a look:

“I purchased another one of your spiral mugs when you put them up a couple of weeks ago, and I keep meaning to show you why that mug is so special to me. I am trying to find things we’ve published so I can send you a publicly available photo. I came across the following below.

This is a paper my team and I published back in 2018 of the trajectory options we had been exploring for something called the Gateway (now) that NASA is building to support our return to the moon.

The graphic of the trajectory, as it spirals away from the Earth is in figure 6 on page 8. And every time I saw those mugs of yours, I thought of our little multiple spirals about the Earth and the mug made me so happy. I bought the first one for me, and this time I bought one for the gentleman who is right now leading all of the trajectory design work.”

So yep, that’s right, not one, but two NASA rocket scientists own my mugs!

Here is the mug Melissa, @rocketsciencemom on Instagram, is referring to:

spiral mug Bella Joy Pottery

Here is the image Melissa is referring to in the paper:

Figure 6. An example EEO to NRHO insertion shown in the Earth-centered J2000 inertial frame. Thrust and coast periods are shown in red and blue, respectively.

How cool is that!

Mugs by Heidi Fahrenbacher of Bella Joy Pottery

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