What Exactly is an Orb?

What Exactly is an Orb?

A few years ago I started making orbs or so it seemed. I started taking ceramics classes when I was 15 at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Ceramics was one of the first things I tried that I wasn't good at right off the bat. I sucked. I couldn't center, everything I made cracked or was as heavy as a boat anchor.

Now I realize that didn't mean I sucked, that's pretty normal. What isn't as normal is a person sits down the first time and masters ceramics. I am not that person. If you are that person congratulations, no need to read any further. 

There was an older man that was always around making pots who fascinated me. He wasn't weird or a fancy dressy or loud. He was just old and kind. His name was Bob and I loved him. He was like the grandfather I never had. 

He was so sweet and he loved making objects he called genie bottles. I wish I had an image of one he made, but I don't. Here is a similar glass piece:

glass genie bottle

They were basically pottery shapes that flared out and came back in with a long neck. I remember thinking this is the coolest thing I have ever seen! Bob took the time to show me how to make them and how to embellish them.

That's when orbs started, when I started practicing collaring. Collaring is the process of flaring clay out and then bringing it back in to create a neck or a closed form.

I would say it's an advanced throwing technique. It is also how I used to make my house canisters.

bella joy pottery house canister

Now it how I make my orbs.

I love my orbs! They are a colorful way to add a rustic modern splash to your bookshelf, desk, or nook. Shop all orbs today!

orbs by Heidi Fahrenbacher of Bella Joy Pottery

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