The Importance of Color

The Importance of Color

I think that the importance of color in our lives is underrated. You read that correctly, that importance of color. What do I mean by the importance of color?

The way a vibrant sunset encourages us stop and look up, snapping a quick photo, where the color is never the same as in real life, but we hope we can look back on it and feel the same feelings.

The way crocuses popping out of the ground tell us: hey, look at me! Spring is here! A little ray of hope after months of dormancy. 

The way a rainbow shows us the magic of when the sun and rain are combined.

It's those little color moments that remind us we are alive. These are the little moments I harness when I create my custom color palette. Each color works with the others to create harmony and joy. You can see for yourself with these lovely new vases.

variety of colorful handmade vases

A still photo of all the beautiful vase. Purchase your own vase and start your collection today!

Bella Joy Pottery stoneware vases


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