Spring Vase for Spring Flowers

Spring Vase for Spring Flowers

It is supposed to be 65 degrees here tomorrow and that is giving me some major spring fever! I planted a bunch of new bulbs in the fall and can't wait to see how they look, but it's Michigan, I still have a few months to go.

Instead, I went to the store last night and picked up these beautiful white tulips to put in this vase.

Stoneware vase with a rainbow grid pattern by Heidi Fahrenbacher of Bella Joy Pottery

I think sometimes people think certain styles or colors have to go with certain seasons and I think that is hogwash.  The color on this vase would typically be said to be more summer or autumnal colors, but if you like it, use it now!

Spring is typically time for pastels, but I'm not a big fan pastels. I like bold colors, so I will decorate will bold colors in the spring.

If you are more into bold colors too, grab this vase and add a bouquet of you favorite spring flowers!




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