New planters in the works

New planters in the works

I’m working on offering planters in three different sizes and sometimes photographing pottery is difficult.

large stoneware planter

The planter on the right is small, about the size of a coffee cup. The one on the left is huge! It’s about the size of a large stock pot. I’m not sure the size translates in this photo.

different planters for size comparison
I remember once a customer asked me to photograph a piece they were interested in next to something for scale. I photographed it next to a ruler. I really wasn’t trying to be smart, I thought rulers are standard. I did not make that sale.

If someone asks me that question now, they receive a photo of the pot they like next to piece of fruit. 

The plant in the large pot is a small-leaf spiderwort given to me by a friend. Come to find out, it is an invasive species so be careful with this plant if you have one. 

close up of spiderwort plant

If you are looking to upgrade your planters head over to the shop to pick out your new favorite or if you are looking for the larger planter sizes join the mailing list to be the first to know when they are available.

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