How a New Line of Pottery is Made

How a New Line of Pottery is Made

In early 2021 I had the thought that I wanted to create a new line of pottery. I had been making the same line for about seven years and although it sold well, I was growing tired of it. 

I have gotten to the point in my life where I realize most things take a year. Yes, they can happen faster or slower, but if I give myself a year to develop an idea I remove a lot of self-imposed pressure.

I started sketching the new line in September of 2021 and from those sketches I created paper templates.

Paper templates Bella joy pottery

After adjusting the paper templates as needed I created wooden dies.

wooden dies bella joy pottery

Then I made prototypes.


From the prototype I am able to make molds.

mold bella joy pottery

From the molds come all the new pottery like planters, mugs, cups, vases, bowls, platters, and even plates.

slipcast greenware stoneware pottery bella joy pottery

slip cast bowls bella joy potteryslip cast platters bella joy potteryslip cast plates bella joy pottery

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