Finding Joy During Difficult Times

Finding Joy During Difficult Times

Bella Joy Pottery Planter

I was talking to my friend Meg yesterday about the weirdness of now: the shorter days, the longer shadows, the unknown fall. There is almost a sense of unease in the air.

I asked Meg if she had ever read the book Frederick? She hadn't. If you have kudos! If you haven't, it's a sweet book. The premise is there is mouse named Frederick who during the summer when all the other mice in his family are busy working preparing for winter, he is out daydreaming, soaking up the sun.

It seems that Frederick is a big slacker, who isn't pulling his weight. Then the winter comes and the food runs out and his family wants to know what his contribution is? (Does that rage sound familiar? It seems to be rampant these days.)

Frederick climbs atop of rock, asks the other mice to close their eyes, and starts regaling them with a tale of the warmth of the summer sun and the vivid colors he saw during the summer. When Frederick finishes all the mice that were grumpy, have a renewed sense of joy.

I remember when I a kid thinking to myself, I want to be like Frederick! That's why my pots are so colorful, to create a sense of joy.

Frederick reminded me of my other friend Megan, who during the beginning of the pandemic last year kept saying it was ok to keep making and keep selling art because people still needed to surround themselves with beautiful things. It could be argued that it is during the darkest times we need more beauty, not less.

I hope you are able to find some joy during these difficult times.

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