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Does a Beverage Taste Better Out of a Cup You Love?

When I used to do a lot of art fairs, customers would pick up a colorful mug and say I love this! I would say and it makes your coffee taste better too! We would all laugh and I would or would not make the sale.

The thing is though it does make your coffee taste better. I am not saying that only my mugs make your coffee or tea or whatever you drink out of one of my cups taste better. What I am saying is that if you are drinking from a vessel that you love, it will make your beverage taster better.

Now before you saw oh Heidi that isn't true. I want you stop and think about your favorite shirt. I don't care if it's brand new or ten years old, you know that one I am talking about. For me it's this shirt:

Heidi Fahrenbacher in the best t-shirt ever

Now, this shirt isn't anything remarkable. It is a simple black t-shirt that I screen printed one of my designs on it that I use on my pottery. See this mug, it's the same pattern.

Stoneware Mug Bella Joy Pottery

But when I wear that shirt I feel good. I like the color and the pattern I screen printed on it.

When I drink out of one of my fun mugs I feel good. I cannot tell you how many times people tell me when they are having a bad day they want to drink out of one of my mugs. The color is just so darn infectious! 

There are enough things in the world today to bring you down. How many things in your life revitalize you and lift your spirits?

For me, it is a good night's sleep, my black t-shirt, and drinking a warm beverage out of one of my joyful mugs.

matching mug and shirt

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