Chickens and Roosters

Chickens and Roosters

My old studio used to be in a chicken coop, sans the chickens. I loved it! It was old and quaint, and I even loved the old musty smell. To this day, I keep a photo of the chicken coop on my desk at the new studio.

It makes sense that one of my first designs were chicken and rooster mugs. The problem was I didn't have the chicken and rooster as models and so the original chickens and roosters started off more like ducks. My best friend bought me a book on how to draw birds and my chickens and roosters, which dramatically improved my drawing skills!

I really started to love chickens when my neighbors got chickens and would ask me to chicken sit. I loved it! I let them out in the morning, gathered eggs, watched them scurry around, and locked them at night. I felt like a farmer, it was great!

Recently, customers have been asking for chicken and rooster mugs again, so they are back for a limited time! You can now pick one up for the chicken or rooster lover in your life and if you have an upcoming wedding they make the cutest couple gift! 


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