Artist Feature at Charlie Cummings Gallery

Artist Feature at Charlie Cummings Gallery

My work is currently featured at Charlie Cummings Gallery and I wanted to share with you the lovely write they included in their email yesterday about my pottery.

It stated:

"Heidi Fahrenbacher is in the cadre of potters whose love of the medium comes through as pure joy in the work itself. With playful dashes of color, dancing geometric patterns, and loose and lovely compositions, Heidi's surfaces radiate happiness and the playfulness possible in the pottery making process. Her forms are everyday functional, with stable feet, friendly rims, and cups that are immediately at home in the hands. There is a spontaneous abandon to her application of pattern, with stripes, spots, dashes, and other marks applied sometimes in grids, sometimes confined, and sometimes all over the pots with mark making as characteristic to the individual artist as handwriting. Her palette is bold, with black lines to punctuate a rainbow of colors, all on delicious speckled clay. There is something light and airy too about her work. Heidi's Bella Joy Pottery is lovingly made work that makes life and dining at home carefree and as joyful as the the artist's making process and studio life."

I love this so much! Head to Charlie Cummings Gallery to see my latest pottery.

Planter by Heidi Fahrenbacher available at Charlie Cummings Gallery

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