As a fellow artist, you probably get asked to provide art and/or your services for free. In order to preserve the value of my art and my knowledge (and to stop people from undervaluing the work that we artists do) I no longer give them away for free.

At this time, I am not offer any mentoring sessions, but if you’re looking to learn more about ceramics I recommend checking out Julia Galloway's Field Guide for Ceramic Artisans. The Field Guide includes a lot of valuable information.

As for me, the kilns I currently use are a Skutt KM-1227PK, a Skutt KM1027, and I have an AIM Model 88 test kiln.

The pottery wheels I use are a Brent CXC and a Skutt (formerly Thomas Stewart) Revolution.

I purchase most of my supplies as locally as possible from West Michigan Clay, Rovin Ceramics, or Runyan Pottery Supply. If they don't have what I need I also use Sheffield Pottery, Clay King, Bailey Pottery, the Ceramic Shop, Sanboa studio, Elan Transfers, and Diamond Core Tools.

I have a Big Puddle casting table, a Lehman slip mixer, and a Lehman slip pump.

All our pots are wrapped using Padpak Jr.

We are not hiring currently, but do offer an internship

Wishing you all the best on your journey!