As a fellow artist, you probably get asked to provide art and/or your services for free. In order to preserve the value of my art and my knowledge (and to stop people from undervaluing the work that we artists do) I no longer give them away for free.

At this time, I am offering several types of mentoring sessions.

If you’re looking to learn more about ceramics I recommend checking out Julia Galloway's Field Guide for Ceramic Artisans. The Field Guide includes a lot of valuable information.

As for me, the kilns I currently use are a Skutt KM-1227PK, a Skutt KM1027, and I have an AIM Model 88 test kiln.

The pottery wheels I use are a Brent CXC and a Skutt (formerly Thomas Stewart) Revolution.

I purchase most of my supplies as locally as possible from West Michigan Clay, Rovin Ceramics, or Runyan Pottery Supply. If they don't have what I need I also use Sheffield Pottery, Clay King, Bailey Pottery, the Ceramic Shop, Sanboa studio, Elan Transfers, and Diamond Core Tools.

I have a Big Puddle casting table, a Lehman slip mixer, and a Lehman slip pump.

All our pots are wrapped using Padpak Jr.

I recommend trying to source your supplies from local small businesses, if you cannot I have created a few Amazon lists of tools that I use. In full disclosure, I receive a small commission if you purchase an item from my recommended lists.

We are not hiring currently. Don't forget to check out the FAQ!

Wishing you all the best on your journey!